Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review | Best Palmer Pizzelle Iron

Hey guys here I am sharing the Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review which is Made in USA by Palmer manufacturing. This is also one of the best pizzelle makers and people also consider it as best palmer pizzelle iron, so that’s the reason of I am sharing the review of palmer pizzelle maker. Hope you will like it and will get the answer of your doubts about this pizzelle maker.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker is very popular iron and it is specially designed to make delicious crispy high ribbed 2 pizelles in half the time required by hand irons. With the help of this pizzelle maker you can make 2 thin 5 inches cookies. Which is very good and it will save your time and you will love the performance of this pizzelle maker.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review | Best Palmer Pizzelle Iron

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Palmer Pizzelle Maker Review

Guys believe me this pizzelle maker is one of the best pizzelle makers as it’s retro looking designed has remained unchanged for the last 50 years or so since its release. But still people like it because there is no need to update this press because it works so well in this shape and every one like it. At a time this machine make two 5″ crispy and think pizzelles, which everyone love to eat. Not only that you will also get 5 to 10 years of warranty which can be discussed on the phone with customer care. Let’s have a look at the review of this pizzelle maker.

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Features

  • You can make two 5″ pizzelles at a time.
  • It comes with non-stick feature.
  • Easy to clean and use
  • Makes delicious crispy high ribbed 2 pizelles in half the time as compared to the hand irons
  • No sticking

Palmer Pizzelle Maker Specifications

  • 14.9 x 10.4 x 3.7 inches Dimensions
  • 5.5 pounds weight
  • Made in USA
  • 5 Year Warranty
  • 120 volts 800 watts
  • Cast aluminum plates

Bakes 2 Pizzelle At a Time

This pizzelle maker is also bakes two pizzelles at a time and this size of the pizzelles will be 5″ and you will love this size. This is not too big or not too small as this is the normal size and the it makes pizzelles very thin. Even you can see the light throw the pizzelles and the pizzelles will be crispy and you’ll love to eat crispy pizzelles.

Pizzelle That Don’t Stick

The baking plates are made of cast aluminium and that’s the reason the pizzelle don’t stick with the plates. It all comes down to the heat of the iron (always a 15-minute preheat), and a batter recipe that has enough oil, butter or other fat to prevent it from sticking. So the always warp up thoroughly and then start baking the pizzelles in this maker and you will get the perfect pizzelles every time. Usually it takes near around 40-50 seconds to bake the pizzelles perfectly.

The Iron Is Superb

Every time you use it, you will get beautiful pizzelle and the pizzelles will never stick – not ever. The iron has a heavy-duty preset thermostat to prevent overheating, hence it will never get hotter than needed to make perfect pizzelle.

Points to be noted that there is no heat control knob, no power light, and no “finished” light. But believe you don’t even need them. Because by the help of a red light you can not get the idea are the pizzelle browned or not. But you will have to look by yourself as some love light-brown and some dark brown pizzelle. Don’t worry with practice, you’ll soon know how long it takes to get the browned pizzelles of your choice.

Thin and Crispy Pizzelles

It’s entirely possible to make pizzelle in this iron that are too thick – you only need to ignore the instructions. The clamp on the end of the handle isn’t there for storage purposes, it’s there to keep the top and bottom plates tightly together WHILE THE PIZZELLE COOK. If you don’t clip it shut, the power of the baking powder can easily lift the top plates up and result in thicker pizzelle. With the clamp shut as instructed, the batter expands sideways through the grooves to the outer edges of the plates, making a uniformly thin cookie – THIS IS THE WHOLE PURPOSE OF THE CLAMP.

Several Cons:-

No doubt this is the best pizzelle maker and everyone loves it but still there are some cons about this product. Actually these are not big cons but still I want to share with you all.

No Light or Beep Feature To Tell When Finished

Palmer pizzelle maker is a great pizzelle maker no doubt but there is no led, light, indicator or beep feature to tell you when the pizzelle finished. But you as the experts know it all depends on the person who wants to eat. I mean it all depends on you if you want browned or light browned pizzelles then you can give more or less time to the maker. Also you’ll get the know when to stop after making pizzelles 2-4 times by this maker. So this is not a major problem but still if you need a pizzelle maker which notify you then you can try Cuisinart Pizzelle Maker WM-PZ2, it’s really a great choice.

Makes Thin Pizzelles

This pizzelle maker makes very thin pizzelles, as you can see the light throw the pizzelles. Means the pizzelles will be too much thicker as compared to other pizzelles makers. As some people don’t prefer thicker pizzelles so this pizzelle maker is not for those kind of people but if you love thicker pizzelles then this maker is for you.

Final Words

As per my suggestion you should try Palmer Pizzelle Maker as this is the one of the top pizzelle maker. Don’t take serious the cons of this pizzelle maker as these are not big ones. All the problems very miner and can be solved. The led light is not a problem as when you’ll try it for some times you will get the idea when to open the maker to get perfect pizzelles. About the thin pizzelles I can’t say anything you have to choose as per your preference. Hope you liked the review of Palmer Pizzelle Maker if yes then left a comment below and buy now from Amazon.

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