Top 10 Best Paper Towel Holders or Dispenser in 2017

Every women try her best to keep her kitchen good and clean and she always keep the best and all important kitchen appliance in her kitchen. As you know kitchen is also a wet place and it always has a lot of running water, so that’s the reason in kitchen you should always have a paper towel roll which can be used to dry the hands or wipe out the water from the countertop. Paper towel holder or dispenser is used to put the paper towel roll and it is specifically designed for holding paper towel rolls. Not only it will help you to grab and pull off the right amount of paper towel roll without wasting any sheets but also this decorative paper towel holder will make your kitchen more beautiful.

As you know there are lots of paper towel holder or dispenser available on the internet which makes it very difficult to choose the right one. Sometimes just to save the money we choose the cheap product but after buying we suffer with the poor performance of that product. I am not saying that we should buy  expensive products as some cheep paper towel holders can also give you the best results.

So, to  help you to choose the right and best paper towel dispenser or holder I compared different products. After reviewing the various products I make a list of top 10 best paper towel holders and sharing that list here. I made that list based on various designs and brands of paper towel holders including stainless steel, wooden, and free-standing paper towel holders and dispensers. So check the  following top 10 best paper towel holders & dispenser reviews and choose the right one now.

1. OXO Standing Paper Towel Holder

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This product is very popular in the market and it is listed in the best seller category on the Amazon. So you can buy this best paper towel holder and you will be able to tear a single piece of paper towel single handedly. It will also  grab a piece of paper towel without pulling off excess sheets. A spring-activated arm holds the roll securely so you can tear off a single towel effortlessly with one hand. Just grab the amount of paper towel you need and pull down against the arm for a clean tear. The best feature of this paper towel holder is that you don’t need to worry about the brand or size paper towel roll you use, the arm automatically adjusts to the width of the roll.

Best Features

  • Paper towel edge is always accessible and does not unravel
  • It comes with Weighted and non-slip base for stability
  • It supports all sizes of paper towel rolls
  • The stainless steel arm keeps the paper towel edge accessible at all times so you do not have to search for the edge.

2. Greenco Paper Towel Holder

Greenco Paper Towel Holder

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This best kitchen towel holder will help you to give your kitchen the contemporary look. Also it is the best and very strong, elegant type paper towel dispenser and also there is lots of space to place any paper towel roll because it measures 6 inches wide by 13 inches high by 5.75 inches deep. It is made of a durable metal and chrome finish wire and sturdy metal holder will look great on your countertop while it keeps paper towels within easy reach. It is very beautiful and will improve the look of your kitchen’s countertop.

3. Royal Paper Towel Dispenser with Weighted Base

Royal Paper Towel Dispenser with Weighted Base

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Royal paper towel dispenser is also in the list because it can be used very easily and it has just enough weight to stay stable on your kitchen countertop but don’t worry you can easily move it with your both hands if you want to replace it’s location. It is also very easy to clean as it is made of brushed stainless steel so cleaning up any stains or spills is easy. You can always keep your holder look shiny and new as you use it for everyday tasks. If because of some reason it fails to impress you then you can return it within 30 days and you will get full payment. No springs, No Levers, No buttons. Just a convenient twist of the knob, and you can change your paper towels without breaking a sweat.

4. Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

Kamenstein Perfect Tear Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

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This wall mount paper towel holder is also ranking in the best seller category on Amazon so you can get the idea that this is quiet popular paper towel holder. You can mount this holder on the wall or mount horizontal under a cabinet or vertical on the call and all the hardware to mount this holder is included. It comes with patented Perfect Tear Technology which features a ratchet system prevents rolls from unraveling. You can easily pull and tear with just one hand and always you will get the perfect paper. The interior wire roller is designed to fit any size roll, even jumbo sized rolls.

5. Goodturn One Handed Paper Towel Holder

Vertical One Handed Paper Towel Holder, New and Improved Heavy Duty Design for Kitchen Countertop or Office, Stainless Steel with Silicone Grip by Goodturn

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This paper towel holder is by Sky Solution and almost every customer loved this holder. You can also try this best paper towel dispenser and with this holder you can easily Grab and tear off a single sheet of paper towel with only one hand all the way to the last sheet. As per the company this holder have enough weight to stay stable while pulling of sheets. You can place any size of roll in this holder and also STAINLESS steel construction makes this last forever and look beautiful in your kitchen. It is very easy to use and there is no buttons, levers, or spring activated arms to use. Just slide your fresh paper towel roll down and you’re done.

6. Simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

simplehuman Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Stainless Steel

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This paper towel holder is 3 inches wide, 13.1 inches high, and 4.9 inches deep and you can easily mount it on wall or under the cabinet either vertically or horizontally. By mounting on wall or cabinet you can easily  free up countertop space. It comes with Die-cast metal bracket and over sized stainless steel rod. It’s tension spring provides just the right amount of resistance to allow you to tear off one sheet at a time off the dispenser, and the quick release knob allows you to easily change the roll.

7. Simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder

simplehuman Tension Arm Paper Towel Holder, Rose Gold Stainless Steel

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Top class paper towel holder simplehuman tension arm paper gently hold the all size paper towel rolls and it also allow you to tear off the paper with just one hand. Because it’s variable tension arm provides just enough resistance to tear off one sheet at a time with just one Hand. This paper towel holder is made of stainless steel rod and base. Base of this holder contains enough weight and it will be stable while tearing off the paper. It is very easy to load and grip of this paper towel holder is strong enough to hold in place but not so strong that it won’t allow the paper towels to turn.

8. UpGood Paper Towel Holder

UpGood Countertop Paper Towel Holder with Brushed Stainless Steel and Iron Accents | Vertical Roll Dispenser (Large Stand, Black)

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UpGood paper towel holder is very cool looking and it looks very great on every kitchen countertop. Sturdy non slip base is weighted for stability and the paper towel holder won’t tip over when reaching for a sheet. In addition, the beautiful black iron casing will prevent frustrating unraveling issues. This holder specially designed to hold small, medium and large size rolls but the XL rolls will not fit. There is no unnecessary feature  like spring-activated tension arms that break over time or mounted holders that require you to drill unsightly holes in your backsplash, wall or cabinet. Sturdy non slip base is weighted for stability and the paper towel holder won’t tip over when reaching for a sheet.

9. DecoBros Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder

DecoBros Wall Mount Paper Towel Holder, Chrome

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This holder is build by heavy gauge steel with chrome finish and it can be easily mount on a wall, cabinet door or underneath of cabinet. You can easily tear off the paper from this holder without any unraveling. It will serve you so many years and also it comes with lifetime warranty so you don’t need to worry about the anything. It comes with USPTO Patent Pending technology.

10. Comfify Giraffe Paper Holder

Paper Towel Holder or Free Standing Toilet Paper Holder– Cast Iron Giraffe Paper Holder - Decorative Bathroom Toilet Paper Holder or Stand Up Paper Towel Holder - Antique White by Comfify

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You really need this cool vertical paper towel holder and you can use it in the kitchen or in the bath as a free standing toilet paper holder, decorative and fun in either room, with classic style and perfect functionality. It is made of high quality material and including genuine solid cast iron construction heavy enough to detach paper towels. So you can easily tear off the paper with just one hand. It comes with 18.2” high x 5.4” long x 3.9” wide, neck measures 13”, 3.9 pounds; perfect size for single roll paper towels or 2-3 toilet paper rolls.

So guys these are the Top 10 Best Paper Towel Holders and I hope now it will be easier to choose the perfect paper towel holder for your kitchen. Also make sure to choose the one which looks cool too in design and also Bronze, copper, stainless steel, ceramic and chrome are among the common options. Here you can see the all type of dispensers or holders and if you want mountable holder then you can select from the list. But if you hate drilling then you can choose other too. Here I have listed good and best paper towel holders which are free standing with weighted, non-slip bases for superior stability. These paper towel holders and dispensers are also within an affordable range.

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